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Teacher's guide:

I will provide a free CD of the Teacher's Activity and Resource Guide (100 pages) to schools/teachers who will purchase sufficient copies of The Black Pearl of Osis for use in the classroom.

Please contact me at: ingrid42mcc@gmail.com  for further information.

View the contents of the cover and index of the guide, below:


Osis Fantasy Trilogy

 by Ingrid McCarthy

Black Pearl of Osis Trilogy

A Teachers’ Activity and Resource Guide¬© for Using in the Classroom



Creative Writing - Tests & Quizzes - Word Games - Critical Thinking

Art Projects - Curriculum Challenges

Written by Ingrid McCarthy, Book Cover Art by Tom Szyc

© 2013 by Ingrid McCarthy

Teachers may reproduce freely pages of this guide, as required for classroom

use.  For a wider circulation within the school, or school system, permission

must be obtained by contacting the author: www.ingridmccarthy.com.

This work is protected under the copyright laws of Canada.



          About the Author                                                      

          Book Summary                                                          

          Before Reading the Book (Activity A)                            

          Before Reading the Book (Activity B)                            

PART ONE / Chapters 1 through 5


  • A Trip to the Sky: What are the Constellations?                  
  • Wacky Quiz Time! - Multiple answers                                 
  • Mythology and the Stars - The Big Dipper                          
  • Back to the Sky - The Legend of Callisto (Ursa Major           
  • Create Your Own Mythology (Draft) - Story Ideas                
  • A Visit to Aunt Josie’s Studio - Create a Book Cover            
  • Q & A Time with Master Cobalt - Write a Wish List               
  • Be a Cartographer - Design a Map                                     
  • Synonyms - Explained, plus Creative Activity                       
  • Story Quiz Time:                                                           

PART TWO / Chapters 6 through 11


  • Tourist Poster Competition For The Kingdom of Aqua

          Colonia - Class Project                                               

  • Antonyms - Explained, plus Creative Activity                       
  • Back to Your Mythology (Draft) - Revision, incorporating      


  • Poetry Time – Acrostics                                                  
  • Art Project - The Magic Skipping Rope                               
  • Story Quiz Time:                                                           

PART THREE / Chapters 12 through 16


  • Figurative Language - Similes Explained                             
  • Identification of Similes in Chapters                                   
  • Box Quiz No. 1 - Find the Answers / Solve A Puzzle              
  • Box Quiz No. 2 - Find the Questions / Solve a Puzzle            
  • Life in An Ancient World - Creation of A Fictitious                
  • Ancient World, plus Art Project (Creative Thinking)              
  • Fast Forward into the Future - Our Town in 3025

          (Creative Thinking)                                                   

  • Story Quiz Time                                                             
  • Back to Your Mythology (Draft) - Revision, incorporating
  • Similes                                                                         

PART FOUR / Chapters 17 through 21


  • Part A: Creative Writing and Your Five Senses                    
  • Part B: Back to Your Mythology - Revision with Focus on

          the Five Senses                                                        

  • Drama Time - Acting Out Scenes from Chapters 17&18;

          Changing Dialogue/Creating New Dialogue                      

  • Art Projects - Drawing from Imagination                            
  • Let’s Talk About Food - Mediaeval Banquet                         
  • Story Quiz Time:

PART FIVE / Chapters 22 through 26


  • About Adverbs and Adjectives                                          
  • Adverb and Adjective Detective - Hunting

for Adverbs and Adjectives                                         

  • Back to Your Mythology - Revision, incorporating

          Adverbs and Adjectives                                              

  • The Art of Water Colours                                                
  • What’s In A Name? - Name, Identification,

          and Colour Art Project                                               

  • Dreaming in Technicolour - Personal Colour Question            
  • Story Quiz Time:                                                           

PART SIX / Chapters 27 through 31


  • Limericks - Origin and History                                           
  • Create a Limerick - Art and Poetry Activity                         
  • Capitals (and more) of the Kingdoms of the World -

          Geography Project                                                    

  • Back to Your Mythology:                                                 

          A Last Look in four steps:

                   1 Checklist                                                     

                   2 Give and Receive Positive Criticism/ Be an Editor,

                   and a Critic                                                    

                   3 Final Revision                                               

                   4 Book Cover Design                                        

  • Story Quiz Time                                                             
  • Jonathan and Magenta in the Coliseum - Creative

          Writing Activity Using an Illustration                             

PART SEVEN / Chapters 32 through 36


  • Black Pearls - Where Do They and Other Pearls

          Come From?                                                            

  • Pearl Art Project                                                            
  • Quiz - True or False Black &White Pearl Facts                     
  • Monte - Eulogy for A Dog - Creative Writing and

          Art Project                                                              

  • It’s All in A Bubble - Writing Sounds In A Cartoon                 
  • Onomatopoeia / Word and Sound Activities                         
  • Villains in Literature                                                        
  • Final Quiz:                                                                    

After the Book


          Book Report Ideas                                                       

          Topics for Discussion                                                 

          Back to Aunt Josie’s Studio                                         

          Answer Keys