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Past and present collide in Theodor’s Choice, a compelling multigenerational love story that sweeps from Canada in the present-day to Germany, Russia and Poland during the Second World War.

Sylvia Baintz discovers a diary written by her late mother. Not only does the diary give her a glimpse into her grandmother’s and mother’s troubled lives, but it also leads her to a secret that has remained hidden for many years. On a whim, she travels from Vancouver to Oxford Mills, a hamlet in eastern Ontario, where she hopes to find an answer to the mystery. In Oxford Mills, her search for the truth takes an unexpected turn and, suddenly, she finds herself on an emotional journey that leads to self-discovery, healing, and a new life.  

Theodor’s Choice explores the question of identity, abandonment, atonement, and the impact of fate on the lives of three women.

“This novella has the breadth, heft, and reach of a 300-page novel… A breeze of a read, nicely commingling knotty lives and written with gusto.”

                              ― Elizabeth McLean, author of The Swallows Uncaged

“A fascinating tale… profoundly human. It describes the often forgotten after-effects of WWII on the German side with all its poignancy, reality, and endless physical and mental misery.

                             ― Klothild de Baar, author of Sentinel of the Damned                                                                              


Mila Peterson is a lonely teenager, emotionally starved and ignored by her affluent, eccentric parents. On her thirteenth birthday, she meets Ryan Dillard, the fourteen-year-old nephew of her piano teacher. Also an only child of an equally wealthy family, Ryan like Mila leads a solitary life. They have an instant connection. It’s the beginning of a fast and loyal friendship that blossoms into tender love. After a four-year separation, Mila and Ryan make a promise to each other meant to last a lifetime. But Fate interferes with plans of her own and reroutes Mila and Ryan’s destinies down a path of unimaginable pain.

twist of fate is a powerful love story about survival, resilience against uncontrollable forces and challenging elements, the need for hope and renewal, and the acceptance of events that cannot be changed. Above all, it’s a story about finding the strength and courage to live and love again.


Praise for Ingrid McCarthy’s novella Theodor’s Choice:

"This novella has the breadth, heft, and reach of a 300-page novel... A breeze of a read, nicely commingling knotty lives and written with gusto."  ―Elizabeth McLean, author of The Swallows Uncaged

"A fascinating tale... profoundly human. It describes the often forgotten after-effects of WWII on the German side with all its poignancy, reality, and endless physical and mental misery." ―Klothild de Baar, author of Sentinel of the Damned


"Lucid, easy-flowing writing... excellent job researching the diaries and the German-Soviet backdrop in the diaries."  ―MaherMansour, author of From Stardust to Auburn Hair


A note from a stranger―an apology for a mistake―opens a tightly sealed lid to Juliette Bertrand’s carefully guarded private life. Driven by curiosity and intrigue and a sudden re-awaking of feminine feelings, Juliette agrees to meet Oliver Marsden, the sender of the note. What follows is the beginning of her transformation from being stuck in painful memories to miraculously falling in love again and finding the deep joy of freedom from a traumatic past.


the note is a seductive and affecting tale that captures a woman’s struggle to heal her aching heart, her desire for intimacy and her journey towards love. 

Praise for Ingrid McCarthy’s Theodor’s Choice:

"... It's a gripping novella that will keep readers glued to the story until the very end... The author seamlessly weaves the past and the present together, and readers get a good picture of the visual details and of her powerful storytelling skills. All the characters in the story are well portrayed, strong, and memorable, and they will remain in the minds of readers for a long time."  Five Stars - Readers' Favorite


Praise for Ingrid McCarthy’s Twist of Fate:

“…Although painful and tragic, Twist of Fate had me hooked on every single word from the first page to the last. I recommend Ingrid McCarthy's story to connoisseurs of fine romance, which carries a style unafraid to pack a punch in realism, drama and tragedy."  Five Stars - Reader's Favorite                          



Vergangenheit und Gegenwart prallen aufeinander in Theodors Entscheidung, einer fesselnden Liebesgeschichte, die sich über mehrere Generationen hinzieht – vom heutigen Kanada nach Deutschland, Russland und Polen während des Zweiten Weltkriegs.

Sylvia Baintz entdeckt ein Tagebuch ihrer verstorbenen Mutter. Das Tagebuch gibt ihr nicht nur einen Einblick in das unruhige Leben ihrer Großmutter und Mutter, sondern führt sie auch zu einem Geheimnis, das viele Jahre verborgen geblieben ist.  Aus  Neugier reist sie von Vancouver nach Oxford Mills, einem Örtchen im Osten von Ontario, wo sie hofft, eine Antwort auf das Geheimnis zu finden. In Oxford Mills nimmt ihre Suche nach der Wahrheit eine unerwartete Wendung, und plötzlich befindet sie sich auf einer emotionalen Reise, die zur Selbstfindung, Heilung und einem neuen Leben führt.

Theodors Entscheidung berührt die Frage nach Identität, Verlassenheit, Sühne und den Auswirkungen des Schicksals auf das Leben von drei Frauen.



A step in the wrong direction ends Amanda Cartland’s marriage, and much more.  Guilt, sorrow, and anger destroy her peace of mind. To soothe the pain and to forget the past, she reaches for bottles of red wine. Slowly, she sinks from one drunken stupor into the next until an alcoholic blackout causes her to hit rock bottom.  Will she make good on her resolution to seek help?  At stake are her health and sanity, also a newly found love with a good man.




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